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A Military Family Member
who is happy mom voted!It is Not Too Late to Vote!Military personnel and their families have a lot at stake when it comes to elections. You serve this great nation in a way that many citizens can not and do not. So why not get involved in this election? Too hard to do? Not true, according to Pamela Mitchell, Acting Director of Federal Voting Assistance Program.

During a DoD Blogger Roundtable Ms Mitchell described some great social media, mass emails (12,000,000 – now that is quite the mailing list) to all .mil addresses, twitter town home meetings, live chat and call center and of course their website at FVAP (where you can find details as well) – all to help you vote!  

But you have to take the time to get involved and in a busy lifestyle that can be hard. So let’s make it easier! Here are some great tools on Pinterest for you as well:

Ms Pamela Mitchell,
Acting Director of Federal Voting Assistance Program.
Yes, our military votes need to count! According to Ms Mitchell, post card voter registration and ballot applications are down almost 250,000 voters from the previous presidential election. 

Yes, we are trying to make it easier for you to get the urge to vote!  A 30 day cutoff for many states is quickly approaching for the presidential, congressional and local elections. 

Yes, you can do it. Take the Time to Vote!


Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta urges military community to vote!
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