Walk in the Woods Wednesday

The warmth of the landscape is everywhere right now. Countryside woods, county lanes, and front yards are blanketed with orange, yellow, dark green and brown. The ground looks like it is hand stitched with irregular sized threads of maple, oak, elm and 17 other variety of trees leaves. Patterns form and then are whirled by south, east and north winds.

Either the tree is on fire, or the artist is showing off the paint pallet!

Zooming down the highwayThe stands of trees by the highway make me happy that I am the passenger in the car as my eyes zoom through the depths of the foliage. I love this time of year. This is my time of life! The views are changing and inviting.

Have you wandered through a woods lately? Crunched and kicked some leaves?   Laughed out loud as you watched your dog chase the scents that must be so obvious to that canine nose?  It is such a great time to get outside, find a trail, rake your yard, walk to the neighbors: see the sights.  Life is amazing right now, and you have a front row seat in a standing room only section!

Action is all around. This is nature getting ready to use up summer’s energy and get settled in for a long winter’s nap.
Quilt colors: leaving summer

Shadows frame the panels of colors.

These colors are here today… tomorrow will hold a different picture.

Out of the woods and still feeling the warmth of Autumn’s color.

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