A Moment Out of the Norm: Dog Show

A moment out of the norm.

“Grinda” is a rescued pup. She is a hoot! She is a Welsh Corgi Pembroke. She has short legs and long ears. She also has our hearts and pride of ownership streaming all around her.

Yesterday was her moment to shine. Well, we all take that idea differently… the car for example shining moment would be a wax job. The house’s shine would be a spring cleaning. The shining moment for our dog Grinda: an entry in a dog show. No kidding!

Mrs. Becky Kissinger, teacher at Christian High School in
Grand Rapids, MI, led an interim class on the subject of ‘dogs’. The class researched animal instincts, communication responses, needs and traits of the canine species. Then they invited 12 purebreds to enter a ‘dog show’ to demonstrate the different classes, ranges of size, and visual performances of these pups.
Waiting to be called to enter the ‘arena’
A high school student read the breed’s background, purpose of the breed and finally a brief personality page of the individual pup as the owner walked the length of the gym for their pouch to prance and be beautiful. Stress levels were high and energy was on the ready. The Black Lab had to bow wow out, as it was not ‘his’ thing.       It happens.

The special guests of honor were preschool classes! All dogs that were invited to this dog show were kid friendly. These wee folk were the judges; equipped with stickers to be used as their vote for best of show. The four year olds cast their votes into a cup that had the dog’s name and number stenciled upon it.

Votes were cast.This was positively a joyful experience. Children who had pets raced up to the sides of the seated pups after the winner’s announcement. Some whispered, “I voted for you!” Others touched the ears, neck and gently pet the pup’s back with just the tiniest tip of their fingers. Sweetness oozed from their smiles; and the pups poured love and trust right back at them! Those who had no pets were hesitant and happy to stand 3 feet back at first. Perhaps they had experiences with animals that would scare the livings daylights out of me! Whatever the reason, we all came through the day with a feeling of respect for our four footed friends.
Love on paws!
Each breed was gorgeous, generous beyond my hopes of being super stars: guardians of love, trust and protection.
Love ya pups! I think I need to get an extra treat for Grinda right now… Shine on Grin!

She didn’t make it into the winners circle, but she lives with the title of rock star at our home!
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