Tax Support for our Military

Tax Season will soon be here. Be sure to check out these resources for you, the military family:

W-2 and other tax forms are available on line for our military memembers  and civilians at myPay, including Reserves, Retired, Savings Deposit Program forms and more.  Air Force, Army, and Navy will be available tomorrow, 1/24.  (https://mypay.dfas.mil/mypay.aspx

Military OneSource Provides Tax Assistance Service: As tax season nears, Military OneSource and H&R Block have joined forces again to provide a free online tax preparation service for service members.

5 Tax Tips for Tough Situations: Your returns may be relatively uncomplicated — but sometimes new circumstances can make tax preparation a bit trickier. Follow these tips to avoid making mistakes.

Filing your taxes after a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) : It is that time of year. Tax Season. A PCS can make this time of year that much more stressful. So before you get down to the wire, brush up on these tax tips...

Special Tax Breaks for Military Members: Military service demands sacrifices — some personal, some financial. But in many cases, Uncle Sam recognizes those hardships and offers special privileges to compensate. When it comes to paying taxes, for example, military members can claim a host of tax advantages that aren't available to civilians.

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