Valentines Care Package Ideas

It is that time of year. Time to pull out the USPS Flat Rate Shipping box, decorate it with hearts, smooches and words of endearment and fill it with love.

What will you put in your Valentines Care Package?  It is nice to have some economical ideas.  Items he can use but show that you love him.  Things that are small and easy to store that remind him of you.  Love that is shared in a note, a kiss, a smell.  If this sounds up your alley here are some great ideas for your very own Valentines Package:

A homemade card or two from the kids would be great.  Leave the glitter off of this one.  Perhaps some lace and marker would make the perfect Valentine. 

A love letter for him to keep Need some inspiration?  Dust off the bible and read Songs of Solomon.  A letter from you will get his heart racing and he’ll treasure it close to his heart the rest of his deployment.

A bag of nuts.  Nuts are full of health benefits and a cute little note to go with it makes it the perfect Care Package item.

Don’t forget to include a ‘Heart Attack’ (the good kind!):

Some pictures of you in your favorite sweater, his favorite skirt on you, or perhaps pjs or yoga pants, makeup, no makeup, outside, inside. What is his favorite look on you?  Set up the self timer on your camera and take 50 shots, if you have a tripod even better.  Pick your favorite 10, have them printed, and send them his way.  It doesn’t have to be fancy but it will be a great way for him to remember you.

Include some kisses for him to tuck in his pocket, under his pillow, with his shaving kit.

Add your favorite shower gel (perhaps double wrapped in a Ziploc bag for transportation security) with a note about how the smell reminds you of him and you can’t wait to smell him again.

You know what they say “The way to a man’s heart, his stomach.”  Checkout these cool cookies.  If you aren’t so crafty in the kitchen I’m sure anything you bake up and send him will make him smile!

Keep a journal with him in mind.  Here are 37 Things to Say to your Spouse that you can easily turn into ‘journal prompts’:  Each could be it’s own page in a notebook for him.  Include your journals in the package when you have finished it.

Don’t forget his favorite sweets!  They are a must for a Valentine’s surprise:

On a related note, Stars and Stripes is once again publishing a Valentine’s Newspaper for deployed service members.

Send your Valentine a love note…
You can send your special someone a Valentine’s Day message with Stars and Stripes.

Submit your love note today!
Send your sweetheart a loving note through the pages of Stars and Stripes, for FREE. Messages submitted by January 24 will print in the February 14 newspaper edition of your choice and will be viewable online on the Stripes Valentine’s Day Messages site. It’s easy to do and only takes a moment! You can even include a photo with your message at no charge.

Whether your sweetheart is far away from home or in the other room, he or she will surely appreciate getting a special love note from you. Take advantage of this free opportunity now — February 14 will be here soon!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Stars and Stripes.

… and, your military family support.

– Leanne from

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