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    5 Practical Ways to Save Money on Groceries

    1. Make a list.  I know, time and time again you hear it.  “Make a list and stick to it.”  But writing a list on scarp paper and then losing that paper isn’t going to help.  Instead make the list practical.  I like using technology and since my phone is usually in the kitchen on the dock, it is very practical to keep my list there.   The free app that I use, is Grocery Pal but there are dozens of list apps out there.  I add items when I need them, when I start to run low, when I know it is time to restock.  I love that after I buy…

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    U.S. Special Operations Command Virtual Town Hall Meeting, 3/7/2013

    I love technology! Especially when it is used in the right place, for the right reason.Military Families spread out far and wide can’t usually go to a specific place, to meet people that can give them answers. Stepping up to the plate, meet the Virtual Town Hall Meeting: Are you a part of the U.S. Special Operations Command?  Part of the family?  Learn more about this opportunity to engage with leadership.  Ask the questions you need answer to.  Empower yourself with the facts. 1) Write your question on their Facebook wall: facebook.com/ussocom 2)  Learn more about recording your own question on a video:  3)  Find USSOCOM on Google+ where they will have their Live chat…

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    “Save Automatically” and “Take the Saver Pledge Today”! DoD Blogger Roundtable

    It was a crazy busy day for all of us and the DoD Blogger Roundtable with Sgt Maj. Bryan B. Battaglia, Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff, his wife Lisa Battaglia, and Barbara Thompson, Director of Office of Family Policy/Children & Youth* had a rough and tumble start. It was all about and like military life and what great people the Battaglias are! During the Roundtable this couple did a fantastic job representing our enlisted force and they are on top of the issues. This week’s issue: Military Saves Week. They spoke about “Lifestyle Fitness”, “Financial Fitness” and Tools to reach them before they ran to their…

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    Military Saves Week, 2013

    It is Military Saves week!  Financial Readiness, Financial Fitness, Financial Know-How. All very important to the military family. Important to the service-memeber. Important to me. Source: youtube.com via MilitaryAvenue.com on PinterestChairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey and his senior enlisted advisor Sgt. Maj. Bryan Battaglia encourage service members to plan for the future by saving a little bit today   Here are some quick tips and tricks that have helped this military family, I’m sure they can help yours too! The Grocery Bill Source: militaryblog.militaryavenue.com via MilitaryAvenue.com on Pinterest The Stress of Making a Purchase Source: militaryblog.militaryavenue.com via MilitaryAvenue.com on Pinterest Saving Money Around the House Source:…

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    PCS? Moving Tools Can Make it Easier!

    It is the PCS season for many military families. Orders in hand and with the next location almost in site, how do you find help to learn more about that next assignment? Friends? Social Media? Military One Source? Family Centers? Military friendly businesses? There are so many resources that are available for you! We tried to grab and bring them to you in a centralized location. Military experience helped us create some ways that can help you on MilitaryAvenue.com. Our Moving Tools section is perfect to guide you through many of the challenges military families face! Come take a look: School reports, mortgage advice and articles, packing materials, utility hookups…

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    Awkward! Junior High Time to Step Forward

    Junior High School… a wonderfully awkward time of life! Who are these kids?        Adults… no.        Little kids… no. On any given day they act like either one… or give an hour and they are flipping the switches and are both. This was the first time in my life that I moved: changed school districts, changed me! I walked into the new school literally a head taller than any other girl and had that raw feeling of ”who in the world am I?”          Clueless. Tonight in our Junior High Youth Group we are going to be talking about a timeline. Gaging where they were, where they are going and perhaps…

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    New Medal Recognizes Changing Face of Conflict – and Creates Controversy

    The new Department of Defense Distinguished Warfare Medal (DWM) has become very controversial after the recent announcement of its approval by the Secretary of Defense. The DoD Blogger Roundtable met with Juliet Beyler, Acting Director Officer and Enlisted Personnel Management, to discuss reasons for the  creation of the DWM and where it was placed in its precedence with other medals such as the Bronze Star. According to Ms Beyler the medal is designed to recognize actions with direct effects on combat. When asked who appeared to be opposed to the medal?  Was it a service issue?  She responded with a resounding “no”.  The services had all agreed to the creation…

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    Operation Purple Camp and your Military Child

    Flashlights, extra socks, money for the Canteen, shoes that can get dirty, a bar of soap (that may or may not ever get used), a sleeping bag… all the makings of great memories, new friends, growing older.  My boys are once again ready for another great year at a summer camp! After a great week at Camp Ligonier, summer 2011 This year the now seven, almost eight year old, will be old enough to go too.  Imagine that a whole week with the 10 and 8 year old off on an adventure.  A whole week with just time for me, hubs and my 2 year old.  (He’ll be old enough…

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    Staying Connected

    I love to be connected, don’t you? Just a quick Friday morning post to remind you how you can connect easily, right from where you are, with the MilitaryAvenue.com team. Continue Reading to learn how to stay connected with the military family We are real people, real military families, that want to help you the military member, spouse, child, parent.  So if you are using these social network tools then join us!  We’d love to help anyway we can!MilitaryAvenue.com on PinterestMilitaryAvenue.com on FacebookSubscribe to “Our Letters to You”,a military family blogMilitaryAvenue.com on LinkedInMilitaryAvenue.com on TwitterMilitaryAvenue.com on Google+ Where are you that we aren’t?  Let us know so that we can take a…

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    (almost) Wordless Wednesday

    Hit play and start scrolling.         Grandpa,You served your country honorably.You raised your family extraordinarily.You loved me unconditionally. Thank you. Join Us    byLeanne KocsisonWednesday, February 13, 2013Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to FacebookShare to PinterestMilitary Life:family,Funeral,Leanne,Taps,WWII