How do you organize your family calendar?

We are more than a month into the new year and for us it is a pretty quiet month as far as individual and family activities. This is a great month to get organized so that when the craziness starts (and it will start!) we are in a routine.

How do you organize your family calendar?

At the beginning of the year I went to the big box store and bought a brand spankin’ new multi pack of sharpies.  (Woo hoo, they were even on sale!)  They were perfect coupled with my new calendar with great big spots for each day of the month.

I designated a sharpie for each family member; I even let them each pick their favorite color.  Thereby, decreeing that color as theirs on the family calendar.  (Plus one for universal things like family members’ birthdays)

The markers hang neatly in a baggie on a magnet by the frig, right by where our calendar happens to hang.  (I wish I was more crafty but the bag really suits our style!)  This makes it easy to grab, write, and carry on.

Here is what made me originally jot my thoughts down about the family calendar.  I think it is very important to not only put extra-curricular activities, birthdays, parties on the calendar but also school  project and due dates because they are just as, if not more than important to be reminded of.  This is a visual for the kids to remind them AND me about upcoming projects that need to be started, completed and checked.

How about you?  Do you put school work on the calendar or do you keep it strictly to out of school, extra curricular events?  How about your menu plan, all of our menu-planners?  I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas.

The month will fill in as we head into spring sports and then, even more than now, we will appreciate planning, organization and Sharpie pens!

– Leanne from

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