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Ah... the power of a recommendation. You move to a new place and you need to get your hair cut, you need to find a new church, you need child care, you NEED to find a good place for pizza!  This was the thought that MilitaryAvenue.com was born on and we continue to build on that.

We make it easy for businesses that offer a military-discount, as a way to show appreciation to local military families, to advertise.  In fact, they can advertise for free!

But we want your input, too, as the military-family that has lived there, been there, called "that place" home.

So tell us more:

Fill out as little as much of this form and click submit.  It'll help us compile a great list of local resources for military families that will soon call their new station, base, post, field ... 'Home'!

You can also fill this form out at My Base / Post

Find Military Discounts in your area: Military Rewards

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