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My poor blessed children. When I was a child I wanted to be a teacher.  The need to teach is somehow still ingrained in my bones. Now the need to teach and the need to see my children succeed are intertwined. 

We finished up Spring Break last week and much to their groans and moans we did 30 minutes of reading and 30 minutes of education… EVERY DAY of break.

“BUT MOM we are on vacation”
“BUT MOM we would rather be playing”

Didn’t matter.

For us education was either time spent on some workbooks I had stored in the closet, time on  educational website I had approved, or doing some creative writing with prompts I gave them.

Someday they will thank me.  No, really.

But here is something really cool. has free membership for Military Families (Check eligibility here).  Don’t think of this as your traditional Tutor that sits down and helps you with homework you may be struggling with.  It is much more than that.

What I especially love is the so much more part: “Thousands of lessons, worksheets, study guides and videos to help you.”

If your child is struggling with fractions, as an example, find websites with fun games that will help reinforce the skill.  If they need just a little extra reinforcement for Algebra, study guides for AP tests… we are talking skill set help from kindergarten through college (and beyond)!

Have them spend an extra 20 minutes each night using a resource you found on and they will become more confident in their ability which really will help them in so many ways.  And a little extra work right now will help them appreciate the free time they do have.  (Which really, isn’t that a life lesson?!)

Learn more about your free account today:

– Leanne from

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