“Welcome to Stagecoach"

A quick introduction to our MilitaryAvenue guest blogger.  Mike Liguori is a Marine veteran and we are excited to share his coverage for MilitaryAvenue of Stagecoach.   He is doing tweets, Facebook posts and blogs for us during this fun event!  Be sure to follow along on some great stories about the performers and military supporters at "Stagecoach".

Today was quite the day for me. I barely have been able to sleep due to the overwhelming excitement of covering the Stagecoach Country Music Festival. You think after not getting the consistency of a good night’s sleep I would be dead tired today. Well folks, you are wrong. I am actually more energized now at 9:23 pm the night before. It reminds me of my old college days, anticipating the countdown of the kickoff. I could never sleep and tossing and turning became part of my pregame ritual.

Of course, I’m not playing football anymore but the pregame ritual still remains. I can’t stop thinking about the acts, the atmosphere, the promotions, the parties, all of it part of Stagecoach. But all of this does not topple the fact about the overwhelming support for the military Toyota has. I am thoroughly impressed. Being a former Marine and Iraq War veteran, service is engrained in you. It becomes part of who you are. I must say it is a little difficult to get such great treatment from Toyota and everyone involved in this weekend since Im use to doing things myself. But it’s their way of paying tribute to all those who served so I cant express how much gratitude I owe for their generosity.

Now on to the important stuff. Stagecoach is huge. It’s the country version of Woodstock. Some of the top artists in country today will be performing each day and I cannot wait. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get close enough to Toby Keith or Dierks Bentley to get some love from them for our men and women in uniform. Ill keep you posted on that effort.

Make sure you follow me on Twitter @mikeysandbox, Militaryavenue @militaryavenue, and Toyota @Toyota. Toyota is also giving away 6 signed Dierks Bentley guitars so enter by clicking on the link below https://www.facebook.com/toyota/posts/10151573066874201 We all keep you in the loop especially when Saturday night rolls around. Trust me. you don’t want to miss it. God Bless and I look forward to keeping you all in the loop -Mike Liguori
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Disclosure: Toyota partnered with MilitaryAvenue by providing transportation and lodging for our blogger at Stagecoach.


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