Wrapping up Month Of The Military Child: Brat Town Bugle

Today is the last day of Month of the Military Child; but isn’t it something we should celebrate all year long?

We highlighted some great resources throughout April on our Facebook page.  We shared Tips on Relocation, YMCA’s Operation Kid Comfort Program, and most importantly a reminder that YOU are the ultimate resource for your military child PLUS so much more.  (Scroll through to see them all.)

One more resource I want to share is Operation We Are Here‘s Brat Town Bugle ™. 

The Brat Town Bugle is a wonderful way for your child, children, whole family to showcase what is happening at home.  It could be a monthly project to send to a deployed loved one (mom, dad, uncle, brother, aunt or friend).  Or you can send it to a grandparent, cousins, family friends who don’t live near by but still wants to be a part of your child’s life. 

It will help your child develop writing skills, journaling skills and create lots of laughs and smiles as they highlight moments of their days, weeks and month.  (This would be a great part of Summer Learning to keep your children’s brains active even when not school-bound)  Be sure to check it out. (and at the very least PIN it to your ‘Good to remember’ board … yes, I’m a total Pinterest addict)
As we close out this month my goal is to continue to highlight resource for our children through out the year so hold on tight it’s going to be a great year!

– Leanne from

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