3 Must Take Avenues for the the Entrepreneurial Military Spouse

I had the wonderful opportunity to share my thoughts on Military Spouse Entrepreneurship over at USAA’s Spouse Community.

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“As an entrepreneurial military spouse you have three avenues that you must take to help build your business clientele. Part of your journey you will have a small ‘toll’ to pay a charge to get from your starting point to your final destination. Some of your road-trip will be on the ‘free-way’; there is no charge except for your time. Part of your journey is pure open country road, taking the time to get to know the passengers, otherwise known as your new clients. All three roads are a part of your journey, a great way to get to your final destination. You could become a known professional, reliable business, and successful entrepreneur.”

What are some ways that you have spread the word about your small business?  This was a fun article to write and put some easy thoughts down to paper.

Head on over to read the rest of the article I wrote: <Continued

If that link doesn’t work (USAA has some pretty strict cookie settings) you can read it by going to the Spouse Community ( and then click on Money Matters:

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