Active Living in the US Navy Even Has an IPhone App! DoD Blogger Roundtable

“They have an IPhone App for their program…”

Spring seems to be a great time to get started on new workout plans, healthier eating, gardens and more! May is even designated as physical fitness and sports month so it was great timing for the DoD Blogger Roundtable to discuss the US Navy Operational Fitness and Fueling System and some new and better ways to help stay healthy!

As a long time advocate for a healthy lifestyle I was very interested in the topic but wanted to make sure that it would be interesting for our followers. Diana Strock, Physical Fitness and Injury Prevention Program Manager said they had “resounding feedback” from sailors that the program was helping with resilience, reducing anxiety, improving nutritional choices, fitness test scores and much more.

Then they caught my ear:

They have an IPhone App for their program that includes menu features, five workout plans for different sailor needs, and after downloading can be used without an internet connection. I enjoy technology that helps me improve effort and have written about workout technology before that encouraged me to keep moving.

So when Diana and Lisa Sexauer, Fitness, Sports and Deployed Forces Support Program Manager explained in detail the Navy’s efforts to help the entire naval community including families it was exciting to hear. The IPhone App already has 20,000 downloads and within 30-60 days they are expecting IPad and Android Apps as well. Active Living is being shared across the Navy including command leadership schools, recruits and training schools and now has generated follow on testing for even better ways to help our sailors to eat and stay healthy.

Wild Michigan Blackberries I queried the leadership about the food plans and ask were they compatible with at sea time or deployments? They have engaged with the culinary specialists and chiefs groups about the choices and the weekly planner is available that corresponds to the meal plans aboard ship. They said, “the sailors want to excel” and we are providing them the tools they can use to do that! They expect to release NOFFS 2.0 late this summer with even more options to live a healthier and better lifestyle so stay tuned for updates. 

 Here are some additional and helpful links that were shared during the Roundtable:
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