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During the Happy Military Spouse Day! Let’s Talk Jobs for Spouses > DoD Blogger Roundtable they told us that 36 states had passed legislation to assist military spouses with the transportability of their licenses or credentials between states which is absolutely fantastic.  I had asked which states had NOT passed legislation so we could highlight which states needed to take action > to walk the talk of support to the military community.  You can look up your governor or legislator and send them a note in support of legislation to assist military spouses with this critical issue.  

Chief of the DoD State liaison office, Max Beauregard”As stated during the roundtable this afternoon, we have 36 states that have some statute/policy supporting military spouses to expedite endorsement of a license or expedite providing a temporary license. Of the 14 that have not enacted legislation or established policy, six have active legislation: Maine, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island.The remaining eight states are: Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska (considered a bill in 2013), New York (about to introduce a bill for 2013), Ohio, Vermont (considered a bill in 2013) and West Virginia.”

Our state, Michigan is one of the Fourteen who need to step up to this effort!  I just wrote Governor Snyder at,4668,7-277-57827-267869–,00.html to advise him of how far behind we were! You should do the same if your state is one of the fourteen!  After all Governor, Getting it Right, Getting it Done seems a perfect slogan to support our military spouses.  Maybe you can call Indiana or Wisconsin and asked them about theirs to make it easy! 
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