GUARD Your Health! DoD Blogger Roundtable

GUARD Your Health! A very clever title and name for a National Guard health website > like it a lot.

The Army National Guard launched a mobile friendly “GUARD Your Health” website on the 27th of June! With numerous resources for the geographically dispersed members of the National Guard, they want you to know it is there. With categories for health tools, health topics, benefits and resources, an Ask the Experts section and even personal stories to provide a pathway for others living the Guard Life, the site brings great resources to one location.

Never Leave Phone at Home > First Veteran “Hackathon”

You might forget your wallet or purse but will "Never Leave Phone at Home" Chris Norton, AT&T

Are you a Mobile APP military person > Veteran, spouse, active, reserve, guard or family member? This weekend is the first AT&T Mobile APP “Hackathon” for Veterans and they are going to build mobile applications for just the military community! All within in 24 hours. Ready, set, go at veteran-themed mobile app development contest, or hackathon.

I spoke with Chris Norton, Senior Program Manager, Military Talent Attraction (and a US Army Reserve Major) and Alex Donn, senior marketing manager for the AT&T Developer Program and the mastermind behind AT&T’s hackathon program. Chris was excited and thrilled about the event and the focus it provides on the military community.  He also is a great avenue to job search resources (read on below). 

Universities that Support our Veterans

I read a recent article about two universities that 'get it'.

Rutgers University and the University of Arizona; The Lumina Foundation highlighted them in their recent magazine, you can read more here: Lumina Foundation Features Two Colleges for Their Work Serving Student Veterans; America Needs More Vets with Degrees to Meet Attainment Needs

The Magic House & the Magic of Family

It is amazing how time flies. 30 years ago we were stationed at Scott AFB, Illinois.  Going to 'The Magic House' in the mid 80s was a big deal, a lot of fun. It meant it was a great day to be a kid!

This weekend I took my own kids for the first time.  As we traveled from Fort Leonard Wood to home (NE Ohio) I wanted to show them the sites, give them a glimpse of where I lived for a few years, let them soak up some of the things I did and saw when I was their age.

I had a little bit of fear.  I wondered if I had made The Magic House so much better in my mind over the years.  I wondered if maybe the museum had changed over the years, maybe not for the better.  I hoped I could even find it! 

"No Soup for You" at Camp Grandpa > A Military Heritage

The Camp Grandpa Crew
Summer time for the military community often includes visits to family from a long distance. When our military brats were young, we tried to include some time with their grandparents/aunts/uncles/cousins as part of our summer.

If we were close enough and schedules worked we even left them for a week(s) at grandparents or camps involving the family. One year during a PCS we left the guys at grandpa’s and Leanne at my sister’s when we went house hunting. It was the only time in a 30 year career that we could look ahead, find a house before arriving in the local area and it was wonderful!

A memory of one of those summer moments came out during my dad's funeral/memorial service this year when Dan related a story about his grandfather sending the two brothers out to work a project in the rain and telling them to "Go Be Ducks".  

On the Road Again, A Military Journey!

What a journey life has taken me. Right now I'm in the passenger seat, in more ways then one. Learning to be the mom that lets their children make their own choices, loving letting Hubs set the pace for this stretch and taking in the beauty of life as it whizzes by.

The 4th of July; The Military Community and Sarcoma Awareness Month

Does this ribbon look familiar?
As we approach the 4th of July, Independence Day, Americans who serve this great nation in our armed forces face many daily challenges. Their lifestyle of sacrifice and caring for others is one great example of patriotism, a better humanity and responding to a higher calling in many ways.

Did you know that “The All Volunteer Force” celebrated its 40th anniversary on July 1st? I am just amazed at these young people and their willingness to serve under the difficult and stressful conditions after over 10 years of constant war and before that other operations not labeled “war” but military operations that still led to bullets flying.
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