New beginnings! Are you ready?

The new school year, a PCS this summer, a new job/employment, a deployment return or departure, a new or revitalized faith, a new workout routine, a wedding, a birth, a health crisis … all can be new beginnings for the military community. So how do you help yourself during new “stuff”?  

Remember the Old!

It gives us strength to remember what helped us in the past. Looking at old pictures is a great way to enjoy old friends, family times, previous assignments, etc. More important though is the support emotionally and physically we get from the routines that we created to cope with the military lifestyle.  

The new school year!

Never seemed ready for it but the date always arrived. Such a challenge for military brats > new school and new school year. Walking into a new school with no or few friends, unknown teachers, trying to avoid local social faux pas > what is the right book bag, where is my classroom, ++. Then all of the associated costs which can be budget busting: A few tips to help with that:  

A Gold Star Mom Speaks Up! DoD Blogger Roundtable

Staff Sergeant Carter  See Photo Credit Below
Staff Sergeant Ty Michael Carter will receive the Congressional Medal of Honor on Monday, August 26th for heroism at Combat Outpost Keating, Afghanistan on Oct. 3, 2009. There were eight soldiers from Carter’s unit killed during a ferocious battle that day. Pfc. Stephan Mace was one of them and his mother, Vanessa Adelson, has chosen to speak up to the American public about this story to highlight the sacrifices that are being made by the military community.

The Gold Star Family & Our American Flag

This past weekend was out of this world.   Boating, Bike Riding, Ga-Ga Ball, Campfire & S'mores, and much more, all wrapped in time spent as a family.  A huge thank you to Ohio's Operation Military Kids and the USO for supporting programs like Military Family Camp.  This was top-notch support!  I desperately want to share more about the weekend but need to take the time to share this solemn moment and give it its due "time in the spotlight".

A True Hero,Spc. Frederick Greene! Why is the Army still calling Ft Hood Attack, "Workplace Violence"?

The Purple Heart
Fort Hood attack was "Workplace Violence"? Why?  Are you kidding me? 

I have to admit this is an emotional issue for the military community and being part of that community it hit me hard when the "terrorist attack" occurred at Ft Hood in 2009.  Watching the story of the court martial of the terrorist while he continues to draw his salary as a US Army soldier is just disgusting.  Compare that to the families of those killed during the attack who have been denied many benefits because of how the Army categorized the attack!  Their pay stopped the minute that the terrorist's bullets ended the lives of their soldiers. 

Taking Life by the Reins

It was going to be a long week without my main squeeze.   Hubs had JAG training at Fort Belvoir for a week and I knew for sure we would miss him.  Truth is, it's hard when your best friend leaves, even if only for a week.  (And yes, I have done the year long deployment... but that's not my point.  Sometimes, I miss him when he is only sitting in the other room.  Get it?)

When he proposed that we tag along I admit I was a bit nervous at first.  Tag along?  Hang out in a hotel with the kids all week? Hit DC with just me and the kids, tackling things like the subway, the streets, the vagabonds without my fearless leader?  It really didn't take me long to say, "You bet we would love to come!"  The hotel was paid for, travel paid for, even breakfast and dinner provided by the hotel as part of their room rate.  It was going to be an adventure!

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