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Staff Sergeant Carter  See Photo Credit BelowStaff Sergeant Ty Michael Carter will receive the Congressional Medal of Honor on Monday, August 26th for heroism at Combat Outpost Keating, Afghanistan on Oct. 3, 2009. There were eight soldiers from Carter’s unit killed during a ferocious battle that day. Pfc. Stephan Mace was one of them and his mother, Vanessa Adelson, has chosen to speak up to the American public about this story to highlight the sacrifices that are being made by the military community.

The Gold Star community often serves quietly as Leanne noted earlier this week in her blog, “The Gold Star Family and Our American Flag“. Vanessa Adelson wants the public to know more about the military community and the impact of the war on the men and women who serve and their families. She thinks that much of America is trying to ignore the war and since less than one percent serve in the military, the losses and injuries frequently go unnoticed. She felt that the American media does not adequately cover the military deaths or the stories behind each one. Certainly, not the long term impacts on military families.

Staff Sergeant Carter saved her son from “dieing alone in the dirt” of Afghanistan. An amazing story of bravery she brought to us from a perspective many could not fathom. I know it hit me hard when I started to ask my first question. This is a woman who gave her son up for his, her and our country. She wants to tell us about it and what do you say to someone in that situation? Thoughtful words for sure, recognizing her sacrifice and why she would want to speak up and share with us.

Pfc Stephan Mace and his mother, Vanessa Adelson  See Photo Credit BelowStephan was critically injured and pinned down by the continuous RPG, heavy machine gun, small arms and sniper fire. Carter was able to reach him after our aircraft slowed the incoming Taliban fire; he provided some aid and then carried him to the aid station for more treatment. Eventually Stephan was flown to a field hospital for surgery for his injuries. He unfortunately, died during surgery but according to his mom, he was speaking with his brother soldiers, laughing and thought “he was coming home to his mother” because of Ty’s actions.

One of the writers asked her what Monday’s Medal of Honor ceremony was going to be like for her. The powerful memories of that day’s events that will highlight the heroism of Staff Sergeant Carter will flood her with emotion. So grateful for Carter’s efforts and yet, she said, “the scab will be ripped off again”. However, she feels that it is a “gift for her to talk about soldiers”. Sharing her son’s story is helpful for her and the troops she so admires.

Her family continues to serve with one of Stephan’s brothers (there were four) in basic training when he was killed. He deployed eight months after his brother was killed to Afghanistan but this family has a core of service as a third brother just joined the Army as well! With one son’s death, another suffering from PTSD after his service and one on active duty this woman has earned the right to speak about the needs of the military community. 

Dale Kissinger, ie. “Col K” is a co-founder of andretired Air Force pilot who served with the best of the military community fromthe Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard and Air Force.  He flew combat rescueand special operations helicopters, fixed wing trainers, special operationsairlift and retired while flying the C-17 as the Vice Wing Commander of the62nd Airlift Wing at McChord AFB.  Heserved his country during conflicts in Bosnia,Iraq, Kosovo and Afghanistan.

A member of a proud military family that to support the military members and their families, heenjoys the continued military ties associated with MilitaryAvenue’s blog, “Our Letters to You: A MilitaryFamily Blog.”  He has contributednumerous articles on current events; veteran support issues; military spouseand veteran employment; and military community outreach from corporate America.  Dale is also a frequent participant with theDoD Blogger Roundtable at DoDLive

Join UsFind us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Visit our blog Find us on Google+ Follow Us on PinterestA big thank you to the U.S. Army Public Affairs office for providing this opportunity and Brittany Brown for a wonderful job as moderator.  If you would like to listen to an audio of this Army Blogger Roundtable please go to “Army Blogger Roundtable: Vanessa Adelson“.

Photo Credit: 1st Sgt. Jonathan Hill, retiredThen-Spc. Ty Carter pauses during a patrol outside Combat Outpost Keating, Afghanistan, where he was deployed with Blue Platoon, Bravo “Black Knight” Troop, 3rd Squadron, 61st Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division. The cavalry scout was inspecting a point of origin site, a spot from where a local insurgent had fired on the base. The attack was one of many near-daily probing attacks, which skilled fighters used to prepare for the massive assault they launched Oct. 3, 2009, when 300-400 Taliban surrounded and breached Keating. Carter will be awarded the Medal of Honor in a White House ceremony, Aug. 26, for his courageous efforts to save a wounded Soldier, Spc. Stephan Mace, who was caught in the open.

Photo Credit:  Photo Provided by DoD Social Media byUnknownonFriday, August 23, 2013Military Life:,,,,,

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