A View of Military Family Security and the Washington Naval Shipyard Attack

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Do you feel safe on or near your military installation? News media coverage of the two attacks on military installations (Washington Naval Shipyard and Ft Hood) and Islamic terror attacks in Kenya and Pakistan against foreigners visiting a mall and Christians in church have again raised awareness of personal and family security.


A wise woman once told me that one of the most important relationships I will ever have is with girlfriends; peers, sisters, allies.

In my 'old age' I can attest to that life lesson and I will tell you the same thing, when the going gets tough find some girlfriends.  Girls that are in your shoes, that have the same outlook, girls that will help lift you up when you are feeling down.

Take Care of Your Family While on that Hike

Sign In at the Trailhead
Most military families are active!  They do not sit at home and whether they explore the local area or visit a county/state/national park they can find themselves challenged in new and different ways.  Avoiding injuries or illness while staying active can take some planning and thought.  

New and Old Adventures for the Military Family

Old adventure!
A military PCS is always an adventure!  In fact, "military lifestyle" is a synonym for adventure.  Finding new fun things to do in your new community after a PCS can be challenging for a military family! Heading outdoors, new schools, new jobs, getting out the front door, off the installation, exploring social opportunities, meeting new friends, visiting local highlights, browsing new malls, walking new trails and playing on new park equipment can be the best of times.  But last week I had the greatest time exploring an adventure from the past!

A change of view, a new perspective

Check out this handsome guy.

He is the definition of Enthusiasm.

A "Soldier of Finance" Review

Soldier of Finance author, Jeff Rose
“Why are you struggling with finances?” Looking for a new approach to financial matters? How about reading a book organized for the military community mindset? The first question a military member says in basic training, “Why am I here?” fits right into “Soldier of Finance” as author Jeff Rose, Certified Financial Planner opens the mission with how he got there and why.
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