A change of view, a new perspective

Check out this handsome guy.

He is the definition of Enthusiasm.

Brand new glasses and he is seeing the world a little bit clearer.  But let me tell you how EXCITED he is about his new view. 

His excitement about his glasses is quite contagious.  You can’t help but smile as he talks about no one recognizing him at school tomorrow, who is going to comment, how he can. not. wait. for a new school day.  A little chuckle wells up as he asks for another wipe to clean his glasses.  And as he says, “WOW, I can read the clock now!” you know that change is good.

How about your new view?  Deployment, PCS, new job, new school.  The unknown is hard.  No Band-Aid can make a genuine change in attitude.  Here let me hand you a new pair of glasses.  Got ’em?  Try them on and answer a few questions for me:

What are some things that have helped you see things with a new view?  What projects will you get done this deployment that you wouldn’t otherwise have had time for?  What new things will you be able to see at this new location you now call home?  What fun ways can you get involved in a new school (or help your children get involved)?  What new things will you learn about in your new job adding to your already exciting resume?

Put on a smile and find the joy in the new and it will help everyone around you.

– Leanne from

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