A “Soldier of Finance” Review

Soldier of Finance author, Jeff Rose“Why are you struggling with finances?”Looking for a new approach to financial matters? How about reading a book organized for the military community mindset? The first question a military member says in basic training, “Why am I here?” fits right into “Soldier of Finance” as author Jeff Rose, Certified Financial Planner opens the mission with how he got there and why.

A member of the Army National Guard, Jeff served a one year combat deployment and explains how the Guard trained, matured, instilled drive and gave him a purpose. His faith leads the way but the soldier comes out as the book guides you through the Initial Training Phase of becoming a Soldier of Finance with weeks (chapters) such as The Low Crawl, Land Navigation and Land Mines – Your Credit Report. I enjoyed the outline in the contents page but the material is critical to the Campaign Phase!

“… a winning strategy for building stable and enduring wealth.” 
Being prepared for your mission is the military cornerstone and Jeff’s Campaign Phase of reaching goals, paying off debt and long term investments provides the basic core of information that military families need. He keeps it lively with military examples that we can relate to and with a quick read to become smarter in how to survive financially! The book closes with the Consolidation Phase. After this phase you will have a 
“… clear vision of your lifetime goals…” 

With the smooth military jargon mixed with easily understood financial conversation, Soldier of Finance is an easy read.  The bullet summaries at the end of each chapter are extremely helpful and helped this airman refocus on what he had just read! I can highly recommend this book for the military community (civilians will enjoy it as well). If you are new to the military, it will be an enormous help to avoid some of the tank traps of financial life. Already there? It will help you dig out and avoid them in the future.

You can read more about Jeff and Soldier of Finance at Ordering details are also there (available in hard copy and electronic)! Watch for the opportunity to receive a copy during a Giveaway after the launch on September 9th!

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