A wise woman once told me that one of the most important relationships I will ever have is with girlfriends; peers, sisters, allies.

In my 'old age' I can attest to that life lesson and I will tell you the same thing, when the going gets tough find some girlfriends.  Girls that are in your shoes, that have the same outlook, girls that will help lift you up when you are feeling down.

There is a lot going on in my life right now.  A lot.  I'm looking for new opportunities to get out of the house.  School is in full swing.  Extra curricular activities are growing.  My parents' health is deteriorating, with the big ugly Cancer-word being at the forefront of all our minds.  Friends are struggling with health, relationships, finances.  You get the picture.
It would be easy to wallow.  It would be easy to say "Life sucks. I want out!".  It would be easy to grow dis-heartened, dis-interested, unlovable.
But no, actually, none of those are easy at all.  Because that attitude consumes you.  Consumes you like a slow eating leech that won't let you catch your breath and just move on.
Enter the power of friendships.  The gals in your life that walk with you hand in hand.  The gals that want to listen.  Want to pray with you.  Want to cry with you.  Mostly, want to laugh with you!  New friends or old friends these are the people that will lift you up when you need it most.
Yesterday I went to our first MomsNext meeting of the season.  I sat with a table of nine gals, four of them I knew from the year before, four of them are now new friends.  We talked about homework, discipline, the upcoming teenage years.  We laughed, we sipped coffee, we fed each other the power of positive-friendship, even though it was all new relationships in the making around our table.
If you are struggling and feeling quite overwhelmed find some girlfriends, ladies!  I'm not taking away from the power of love between man and wife but this is a different relationship in it's entirety.  Find out more about joining a local MOPS chapter, MomsNext, PWOC, or FRG.  Take away the drama and find some girlfriends that will just be real, transparent, non-judging.  It's life changing! 
Where would you recommend fellow military-spouses meet new girlfriends?  I know I can't cover them all.  Leave a comment with your own input.

Mom, thank you for the advice so many years ago when I was just a teenager myself.  It is something I will always treasure and know the full weight of the truth that you planted.  True girlfriends are a life-line.
After my meeting I dropped off some homemade soup to a really good friend spending lots of time in the hospital with her mom who is recovering from surgery.  She was a new-friend in my life just a few years ago but now she is a sister.  May each of your girlfriend relationships grow just like that.
- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

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