Apple Chips for your Next Care Package

Are you looking for something new to put in your next care package?  How about a slice of home?  A reminder of autumn? The taste of crispy apples.  But how do you get it overseas without it turning bad, mushy, yucky?  Enter the power of the dehydrator!

The Gift of Guns & Gratitude

Yesterday I bought a gun.

I guess that sentence has more weight then I intend, especially because it is a gift for my husband's 40th birthday, coming up towards the end of the month.  But *I* had to fill out all the paperwork, the gun is registered in my name and the clerk made it very clear it was mine.  Yep, it's mine.

But here is my story.  The conversation with the clerk started off a little rough, especially because my gun knowledge is about this much > . < Not much at all.  I knew what kind he wanted and he had pointed some out in a flier so I brought that in with me.  However, when you are looking at these /racks/ of hunting rifles I was just lost.  I'm not sure he really appreciated that.

Veterans Day 2013 Meals, Deals & Support

Veterans Day 2013 is less then a month away and it is time to acknowledge the companies that will take the time to appreciate our deserving US Veterans.

Watch out for Scammers during the Government Shutdown

The government shutdown is having an impact on Americans (and the military community specifically) in numerous ways. The added inconveniences, costs (commissary closings), loss of income, reduced training opportunities and much more are adding stress to military families too.

A simple compliment and my heart smiles

Have you ever thought about how far a compliment can take someone?

A couple of weeks ago my parents were visiting when one of them made the simple but genuine statement, "Leanne, your house is always so clean.", and the other was quick to agree.  Now let's take a step back.

From my perspective, my house is not clean. There are four boys (five including hubs).  Weekends and evenings involve soccer, homework, Legos, Hot Wheels, running, jumping, playing. Although all of us are involved in one shape or form in keeping the house tidy (to the extent it can be) I am the cleaner. and cleaning is just not my thing.  I love a clean house, I hate the process.  I put off the process.  I do what I can to make the process as simple as possible
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