Apple Chips for your Next Care Package

Are you looking for something new to put in your next care package?  How about a slice of home?  A reminder of autumn? The taste of crispy apples.  But how do you get it overseas without it turning bad, mushy, yucky?  Enter the power of the dehydrator!

To make these yourself you will need:

Wash and core your apples, but leave the peals on for some yummy added fiber.  If you use a corer similar to mine you can simply push the peeler-arm back and it won’t peel the apple but it will core it and slice the apple into perfectly sized pieces.

Pull the apple off of your corer and slice the apple down the middle so that you have individual pieces of apple. (Otherwise you have a huge ring of apples all connected.)

Lay the apple-slices out on a dehydrator tray in a single layer.  You may want to cut some of the pieces so that they fit (from full circles to half circles).

After your trays are full, 4 or 5 apples, of course that depends on the size of your apples and how many trays you have, set the dehydrator temperature to 135o F.

Set the dehydrator out of the way and let apples ‘cook’ for about 8 hours.  You can make these right before bed and they’ll be ready in the morning.  When they are done they will not be soft anymore but a nice crispy apple-chip.

Bag apples into ziplock bags and insert into package.  You may want to put a little bubble wrap or other packaging material so they don’t get too crumbly, but they travel pretty well and should last three or four months in the sealed bag.

You military-member will have a healthy snack, a reminder of home, and less-packaging – more love.  You can do a lot more then apples on a dehydrator.  Here are other ideas from an earlier post.

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