Commissaries Proposed Closing around the US

Updated note:  I just read an interesting article over at Military Spouse Magazine confirming that Commissaries are not on the chopping block and the original quoted article added a line that proposals to cut commissary benefits would have to make it through Congress and the President, which they noted would be difficult.  Perhaps, it's the mad and loud voices of the military family that can keep our military-benefits, like the commissary, from meeting the chopping block.  So now it's time to let them know how we feel about raising TRICARE fees 100% to 500% for our deserving military retirees, as well as the importance of our military-benefits, like the commissary!

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I just recently read that "The Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA) will be soon writing a plan for closing stateside commissaries at the request of the Defense Department" (Plan to Close Stateside Commissaries Coming Soon).  The statement stopped me in my tracks.

My Inspiration, the Veteran in my life

Veterans Day, a day to honor and thank veterans, has come and gone.  However, the opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate a veteran should never be passed.  As an Army National Guard wife I swell with pride whenever my husband wears his uniform to serve our country. When I remember deployment and months that I have been without him I shed a tear but then think to myself we did it! When I think about how his very basic need to serve has driven him to do just that, and to do that with honor, I remember the many qualities that attracted me to him so many years ago.

But my pride in my husband stems much further back than the day he pinned on 2nd Lt with me by his side.  It is more than just looks (although he is mighty handsome if I do say so myself!) it is a feeling that swells deep and stems back to my childhood.

Inspiration for Veterans Day > A Critically Wounded Hero and His Wife Speak Up

As Veterans Day approaches my thoughts (and I am guessing many Americans as well) frequently go to images of World War II veterans, local veteran recognition, parades, corporate efforts for veteran employment announcements and images of Arlington National Cemetery.

CPT Edward Klein and wife Jessica  See below for photo credit
The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have created a new focus on veterans and one that often (thankfully) includes the wounded heroes who will bear the scars, invisible injuries and lost limbs of war. Captain Edward Klein, US Army, a triple amputee due to an IED attack in Afghanistan, and his wife Jessica joined the DoD Blogger Roundtable to discuss their experiences and to highlight Warrior Care Month. SFC Scott Cormack also participated as a Platoon Sergeant with the Army's Warrior Transition Unit at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.  

Fighting Depression - 10 Tips

It is dark out at 9 in the morning.

The beautiful autumn leaves have fallen.  The dark clouds have carpeted the sky.  The rain falls like the mood of all those around me.

The season is changing.

But there is also the season of my heart.  The season where my soul feels like it hits the dark side.  I will say I'm not there right now.  I am blessed.  Blessed with experience.  Blessed with family.  Blessed with very dear friends.  Blessed with knowing myself.   But that's not to say that in the future I won't return, or that I can't bless a friend with my own thoughts, or share with you the reader a little inspiration. I'm not a doctor.  I'm not a counselor.  If you are in some serious pain find a medical professional you can trust.  Find the partners you need in this journey.  But if you just feel like you are in the brink and need a hand to get out of the hole and to feel whole again here are some tips to fight this dark season of your soul.

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