Fighting Depression – 10 Tips

It is dark out at 9 in the morning.

The beautiful autumn leaves have fallen.  The dark clouds have carpeted the sky.  The rain falls like the mood of all those around me.

The season is changing.

But there is also the season of my heart.  The season where my soul feels like it hits the dark side.  I will say I’m not there right now.  I am blessed.  Blessed with experience.  Blessed with family.  Blessed with very dear friends.  Blessed with knowing myself.   But that’s not to say that in the future I won’t return, or that I can’t bless a friend with my own thoughts, or share with you the reader a little inspiration. I’m not a doctor.  I’m not a counselor.  If you are in some serious pain find a medical professional you can trust.  Find the partners you need in this journey.  But if you just feel like you are in the brink and need a hand to get out of the hole and to feel whole again here are some tips to fight this dark season of your soul.

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