Operation Stay Young

So we are a month in to our New Years Resolutions or Goals.  How are you doing?  I'm feeling pretty good.  Hubs bought me a pedometer, a basic Fit-Bit, for Christmas and it has been a wonderful motivator for me.  It reminds me if I want to meet my goal by the end of the day I need to move.  That may mean doing a little running in place while I fold laundry, having a mid-afternoon dance party in the kitchen with the kids (making sure I move my feet to keep those steps going) or just a couple extra jogs up and down our steps.  For me it's the little things the help me feel good.

I also dusted off the stationary-bike, put it in the corner of the kids' play-area in the basement and am using it once or twice a week.  I want to bring that number up so I still have work to do.  But by making it practical I can workout while the kids play.  (And my new Pandora workout station with ear buds sure helps motivate me!)

Online Vocational Training Scholarship for Veterans

There are so many opportunities afforded to our military veterans after all they have sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. However, sometimes we just don't know what is out there.

There are 15,000 job openings in the commercial-food service industry for service technicians and Vet2Tech wants to provide scholarships to Veterans for the online vocational training that is required.

Head to Vet2Tech Scholarship Challenge! to learn more (including how to apply for this scholarship opportunity: http://vet2tech.org/nonprofit-attacks-high-veteran-unemployment-rate-provides-funding-for-vocational-training/

Hurry for this one though.  Applications are due Friday, January 31st.  Share this opportunity on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (you can use the handy tool bar on the left if you aren't mobile) or send a quick email to a veteran with the link in your life that is looking into a vocational field.  They will surely thank you!

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

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Simple Ways to Keep Household Chores Organized

I am not a clean freak.  A clean bathroom is such a good feeling.  Dumping the dirty water in the utility sink after washing the kitchen floors makes me smile. Crawling into bed at night with newly washed sheets is heavenly.  But getting it all done.  Such. A. Pain!

Enter the power of Google Calendar (my preferred family-calendar).  I use their simple Task interface to list the necessities.  Then my must-dos are integrated with the family calendar as well as my weekly meal plan and it is all simple and easy to stay organized.

Some things are done every 10 days, some things once a month and then some things even every couple of months.

Add an item as a Task and add any notes (I comment on how often I would like it done so I remember when it's time to advance it ... I'll explain in a moment).
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