Online Vocational Training Scholarship for Veterans

There are so many opportunities afforded to our military veterans after all they have sacrificed for the freedoms we enjoy as Americans. However, sometimes we just don’t know what is out there.

There are 15,000 job openings in the commercial-food service industry for service technicians and Vet2Tech wants to provide scholarships to Veterans for the online vocational training that is required.

Head to Vet2Tech Scholarship Challenge! to learn more (including how to apply for this scholarship opportunity:

Hurry for this one though.  Applications are due Friday, January 31st.  Share this opportunity on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (you can use the handy tool bar on the left if you aren’t mobile) or send a quick email to a veteran with the link in your life that is looking into a vocational field.  They will surely thank you!

– Leanne from

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