Operation Stay Young

So we are a month in to our New Years Resolutions or Goals.  How are you doing?  I'm feeling pretty good.  Hubs bought me a pedometer, a basic Fit-Bit, for Christmas and it has been a wonderful motivator for me.  It reminds me if I want to meet my goal by the end of the day I need to move.  That may mean doing a little running in place while I fold laundry, having a mid-afternoon dance party in the kitchen with the kids (making sure I move my feet to keep those steps going) or just a couple extra jogs up and down our steps.  For me it's the little things the help me feel good.

I also dusted off the stationary-bike, put it in the corner of the kids' play-area in the basement and am using it once or twice a week.  I want to bring that number up so I still have work to do.  But by making it practical I can workout while the kids play.  (And my new Pandora workout station with ear buds sure helps motivate me!)

So far Operation Stay Young is working with only a few days here and there where I think I could have done better.

This morning I filled out my ArmyFit profile, just for kicks. (https://armyfit.army.mil/) It took about 15 minutes to fill out but worth the time.  It is available to soldiers, their spouses and their teenagers.  After my profile was filled out it gave lots of recommendations and let me know where I am doing a great job... and where I could use some improvement.  Although I was quite excited to read that my RealAge (based on questions as well as a little medical stuff I knew about me, weight, cholesterol) was 3.6 years younger then my Actual Age.  Go me!  (I'll remember that when I turn the big 4-0 later this year.)  But getting to that point takes making a point to improve and I still have work I can do to improvement my overall well being!

I love it when the Army takes care of its own. But not just the soldiers and spouses but the children, too. After all, they are part of the Army-Family as well!

I read with interest this morning about how The Comprehensive Soldier and Family Fitness program is also tailored for teenagers.  According to this morning's Stand To examples of skills that are taught include "lessons on gratitude, self awareness, self regulation, energy management, and goal setting."

Army life, whether a young soldier or a military-brat, can be hard for teens, and this kind of training can reinforce lessons from home and school in order to proactively manage challenges with healthy coping strategies and skills.

As a teenage military-brat many moons ago I can sure appreciate the efforts that are being made to support our military-children.  Make your family's well being a family-affair.  Have everyone fill out their profile (each alone so that you know everyone is giving honest answers) and then see where you can all improve and encourage each other, all while hunting for the good-stuff.  Sounds like a great family activity to me!

Today I will get back on my bike; I will think more about the good in everything to encourage a positive-outlook; and continue planning fish once a week at dinner time.  Sometimes ideas don't need to be earth shattering, just reinforced and that's exactly what ArmyFit did for me.  Now it is your turn.

- Leanne from MilitaryAvenue.com

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