Moving Tip: Use Gallon Bags

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Use gallon bags to keep drawer items together in the kitchen, bedrooms or bathrooms.
When you unpack after your PCS you simply dump items in their new spot & nothing gets lost.

Career Road-map for the Military Spouse

a Department of Defense Roundtable 

Maps are good.  Especially when you are in unknown territory.   You can reference them as you plan a trip across the country, or glance at a map (perhaps your GPS) as you make your way across town.  We need maps unless we want to wander... aimlessly.

As a military spouse we often find our way into new territory.  A PCS (again), a deployment (again), a family to raise, a spouse who is quite frankly married to the _______ (fill in your branch).  When we are plotting out this course called 'life' and we want a career to be a part of that it often feels quite next to impossible.  But it is not.  Especially with tools, like maps.
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