Moving Tip: Use Gallon Bags

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Use gallon bags to keep drawer items together in the kitchen, bedrooms or bathrooms.
When you unpack after your PCS you simply dump items in their new spot & nothing gets lost.


Been-there, done-that:  What is a tip you would share with other military-families?

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  1. My husband told me not to pack anything. I'm worried about things getting packed wrong though. Will the moving company still be responsible if I put things in see through bags?

  2. Label you boxes, having a detailed labeling system will make the moving and unpacking process so much easier. I recommend using stickers, brightly colored duct tape or colored sharpies to color code by room. Share your color-coding system with the movers so they unload the boxes in the correct rooms for you. You should also draw ‘This Side Up’ arrows on all boxes to make sure the contents aren’t tossed around too much.

    9. Pack tight.
    Don’t leave empty spaces in boxes. If there is any empty space, pad it with towels or packing paper. It’s a no-brainer to bundle breakables, but even seemingly indestructible items can get damaged if they’re shifting around a lot. It also makes boxes harder to lift if items are shifting around.

  3. I have purchased the Force flex 45 Gallon trash bags, and use the smaller sized daily in the kitchen. As for what can be tossed, I have used the larger bags for disposal of yard debris. Broken glass will cut through, but if double-bagged, it seems to help. get assignment help online Basic items will fit in the bags, but even though you use the Force flex, you can still have rips. Broken glass (as mentioned) as well as other sharp objects can subject the bags to ripping.

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  5. Nice tips! Thank you for sharing.


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