Earth Moving Moments

In order to get from here to there….



Plans and Plants

In order to meet and greet people life requires one to step out from themselves. Out of the house you go! Step into life, and when it greets you back: smile. It’s a good thing. One walks around with history, purpose and pride. Your history is where you have been… as you go forward. Can’t change it, it is there like a shadow or like a mantle. As long as the sun is going to shine on a new day, you have your history and heritage to walk with you. Now, step up to someone and welcome them into your life with a smile, a handshake and a kind word… like salve on a wound it is healing. We all get lonely and at times bitter or dismayed… take charge and change that. Get that mouth a’moving into the “Hi! How are you?” And then…. Listen.

We love to see work well done, completion is a piece of art. A clean car…. Pressed jeans! Hot savory food served up on a plate in front of your chair. The sweet smell of mowed lawn or a neat bedroom! A task done correctly usually indicates that someone took the time to teach a lesson… a professional. One who knows the walk, and talks the talk. Folks who work in a line of business that give them more than a paycheck are professionals. They never gave up their name, but took on the role and the need for their occupation or hobby.

Oh that feeling of accomplishment! It comes when a job is finished: a task that has been prepared and has been filled with your time with your talent. Long time goals take on reality by the actions of step by step movements, daily accomplishments that help one grow.

Enter into our garden, our earthy example of time, toil and talent.

The folks from Home Depot came as volunteers. Off duty, friendly, professionals who took on a task of taking a mess and making a miracle! Start the mess with the messiest… a tractor load that came a long way from the cows to the highway to our garden patch.

 One of those mysteries of life… how does THAT make the garden lush? I didn’t study that in school. So glad I got to pick my classes!A truck load of tools equipped everyone here to be able to handle the day.
  Thank you for your vision, and umph! This was a project that seems too big for reality. “Popping up a garden from bottom up in 8 hours.”

Our grands see the value in time spent together, the fun of being outside, the thrill of the machine…

Our vehicles are packed with tools, nothing like the big haul that was needed to start this venture, but we continue to work at it!

And crops are coming! Bring on the Poppy Seed dressing! Here they come! We got here from there, not on our own, not by sitting inside. We continue to work at the weeds and the watering as we share the bounty with others. Greeting, growing and grandchildren…. Three of the best highlights in a day!

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