An Introduction: "Do You Have a Frog in your Pocket?"

Last week we published a blog in our Marketing to Military resource and the business owner was so military friendly we thought that we should share it today in our Military Family blog as well.  It is a smooth read but what she says about the military community says a lot about her business. We like what she said about us too!  So, read and enjoy!  PS:  If you know a military family owned, veteran owned or military friendly business share the blog with them too! 

"Do You Have a Frog in your Pocket?"

Something caught my eye, increased the focus, sped up the senses a bit, made me look twice, liked what what I saw, turned to look, clicked on it, read, read more, smiled, connected the dots and they got my attention. 

Recently, we had an innovative, military friendly online small business, Frog in My Pocket,  place several First Class Package ads on MilitaryAvenue and I asked the owner if she could answer a few questions about her business and specifically the company's marketing strategy.  Penny readily agreed to tell us more about Frog in My Pocket and her efforts to support the military community. 

How do you spread the word about Frog in My Pocket? What is most effective, efficient? How about social media, twitter, pinterest, Facebook?

Frog in my Pocket takes advantage of a combination of social media, paid online advertising, and organic search term targeting, as well as focusing on offering a robust, attractive website. We have found that traditional magazine and paper advertising is not as effective in terms of cost and conversions.

Why did you post ads on MilitaryAvenue.com? 

We appreciate everything that our military families do for all of us, and we wanted a place where we could help in return with a permanent discount that is available only to military families. MilitaryAvenue.com is one of the easiest and most attractive websites available for military families. Not only are there great resources for military discounts that are easily searchable, but there are also tons of resources and great information about relocation, education, travel, and even an “Answers” area where anyone can post a question relating to military life and find the answers they need from members of the military community. We appreciate the opportunity to be a part of that.

Is a military discount effective in reaching out to the military community? Do you have a large military audience? Do you anticipate a military page?

That's why we're here. We are excited about the opportunity to offer this discount to your families. Military families have some unique challenges, which can include both a limited budget and a limited ability to travel far enough to find what they need. Frog in My Box offers quality clothing, shoes and books at great value – delivered right to the door wherever possible. We will be adding military resource pages to our site, and would appreciate the opportunity to link to some of your resources.

How many clothing items do you normally have in the store? Books?

We have over 10,000 items right now and continue to build inventory rapidly – there is new inventory added several times every week, so there’s always something new to see and the selection continues to grow.  

Where do you get the items?

We buy items from families like ours, who outgrow clothes they've barely worn - and at times before they even wear them! Our team scrutinizes every item and holds it to high standards before we offer it at Frog in My Box.

I see a mention of Home Schooling. Is there a section for home schooling?

Yes. North Carolina is one of the top states in the nation for home schooling - in fact, some members of our staff were homeschooled! Even parents who are not able to spend the time and energy it takes to teach their own kids often supplement private or public education with additional resources. We know what it takes to make sure children have a great education - and that's why we offer kids books in addition to clothing.

Are you listed with the BBB? How do customers resolve any issues?

It's on our bucket list! We've had terrific feedback from the Moms and Dads who buy items for their kids at Frog in my Pocket. Our rigid process is designed to avoid the majority of issues faced by consignment-type businesses. It can be a challenge at times when a business is based on having one of every item, but if something unexpected comes up, but we always offer a satisfying solution. We have a money-back guarantee and quality rating system so that buyers can be confident in what they order.

Do you have a local, regional or national reach?

Everything is online with Frog in my Box - so we're available to anyone, anywhere, and receive orders nationwide.

Thank you Penny for taking the time to provide your inputs to marketing to the military community and we appreciate your kind words.  If you are also an innovative, online or store front business that wants to support the military community and reach a larger audience please contact MilitaryAvenue at 616 855 4134 or email, Dan@MilitaryAvenue.com!  Clicking on DAN will bring you to our how to advertise with us page. Calling Dan will also bring the opportunity for discounts for multiple ads to reach that larger audience you have always wanted! 


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