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Yikes, a week of a much needed medication on hand and the refill is disapproved by Express Scripts/Tricare!  What next?  

We have been a beneficiary of the military medical system for almost 43 years and have found it to be caring, responsive and helpful in most cases but last week we ran into an illogical response to a refill request for a non-formulary medication.  I did find a new way to reach out when we needed help quicker than “you can appeal, provide documentation and fill out the paperwork”, etc, etc when you have a week’s worth of medication left.  Our family doctor had tried to explain but received a flat disapproved with a list of requirements.  Remember:  This was a refill request.  I hope this helps even just one other military person dealing with this bureaucracy. 

Express Scripts and Tricare are on the social media and it appears they respond quicker to twitter comments than the phone calls from our doctor’s office.  After first being approved and then denied the scripts that both Deb and I need and had used for a number of years I pursued the issue on twitter and the response was fantastic! By the way the @justinamash is our congressman.

I would like to commend Maria who called me and took the time to explain the appeal process (while I was hiking on our local nature trail on a beautiful Fall day).  Several others called and spoke to me during the next 48 hours while we worked out the details of the scripts.  First, they did approve the scripts with no appeal required and for that I was thankful as it did sound a bit daunting with an 8 year history of cancer to explain and two patients in need of meds quickly.  Second, do not give up, if someone says no, someone else may say, yes and they do have supervisors available to take your call. 

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Here is the twitter story that resulted in our scripts arriving in record time!

Initial Contact


Thank You

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