Hiking in the Cold North

I set a personal record for a winter hike yesterday! It was a cold day but not bitter like it had been for a while (seemed like months actually). It was a long ways from those hikes in Panama, Nevada, Florida, Virginia, Texas and other warm places that the Air Force sent us. Much closer to Iceland, Illinois and Washington state in many circumstances like the wind chill (about zero during the hike), the snow covered surface and cloud cover. Maybe I should explain why I hike outside in the wintertime?

I think they forgot to plow us today!
First, I like a challenge!  Yep, it is a challenge to get the mental energy up for putting on the right clothes, boots and safety equipment (reflective belt, wrist band, water and cellphone).   Then suck in your breath and face the first snowy wind gust and you are off!  The clamp cleats that strap on to my boots dig into the snow and ice and keep me upright most of the time but I still have slipped and fell once or twice ( a totally different blog in the future).  I like to layer with clothes such as long underwear, two sets of socks, pullovers, sweaters, face pullover/mask, a wool stocking cap and a water proof jacket with warm gloves in the pockets.
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