Brace yourself Mom… It’s Science Fair time!

Science Fair: Those words were the scariest words spoken by the children at the supper table. A hush fell over the room. Dale would mysteriously get a phone call to send him into the other room. Appetites were quashed. Those words work better than Slim Fast!

Lamely I would say, “Oh, this is going to be fun.” No one bought it.

I was talking to some Moms who are facing the science fair time of year, as if taxes aren’t enough… but at least with tax time, there is tax help for free on Base. However, with science fair you are on your own. The project has to be interesting, well presented, plausible, age appropriate and unique. Kids play. I was asked for ideas, their eyes were pleading: give me something simple!

We tried the experiment of growing plants in sunlight, fluorescent light, with filtered light bulbs, and no light. We over watered – therefore drowned the plants… started again… We allowed the dirt to dry before watering: death by dehydration… started again. You get the idea… science fair projects are not for the feeble. But they are beyond me.

Then there was the strips of cotton and smeared them with lipstick. We tested detergents, water temperatures, and our dryer! Lipstick residue in the dryer is ugly. Leanne did get a positive comment back on this one – her teacher liked the shade of lipstick!

Soon, your 5th through 8th grader will be coming home with the announcement: science fair time. I think the fair announcement is planned for the end of January, as the diet will power has worn off –an appetite suppressor. Dinner time throughout the American communities will share a common “ugh”. Hopefully this declaration will not occur the same day as your spouse announces the next deployment.

Buck up! Millions of folks have lived through this before. It has about the same joy factor as picking out the idea for a Halloween costume. I think ribbons should be handed out to the non-deployed parent completing a science fair project, just because!

What ideas have you done, or know of that work for a sane science fair project? Easy to complete? Bummer projects: avoid at all costs? True winner ideas? We all want our children to succeed, and without that idea… we can be stuck!

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