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About 10 years ago in Charleston, South Carolina there was yet another family discussion about moving and how hard it was. Our family has always been computer literate due to owning some early PC’s such as an Apple IIC, and exploring computers as teacher and student. This new thing, the internet looked like it had promise to make military family life easier! Over the dinner table the discussion continued and our creative family members (not me, I usually followed checklists!) came up with a way to help, first during PCS times and second while a family was in the new neighborhood! The idea of a website for military families took shape! is the result of that dream! After working through a long process we have a presentation for military families that helps them find resources they need. also reduces a bit of tension for some during a PCS as it offers the look ahead capability. I love what one young Marine wife said about us:

“Your site is so helpful and full of information, I love it. And it’s so user friendly that anyone can figure it out. should be passed out to every new spouse right along with their new military id.”

We do want to continually improve the site for you, who serve our country. We will listen to your suggestions for new categories, new installations, article interests, newsletter items, and other venues such as Myspace and Facebook. Creative ideas continue to be implemented to make your life easier! Did you know we now have over 5,000 military discounts/Rewards on the site!

Please send us your feedback at: or simply post it on the blog and we will take action!

Thank you for serving so well!

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