Bumps, Bruises & Hugs

The windows are wide open at my house! It is 75 degrees out according to the little thermometer in my kitchen. AH! My soul is feeling refreshed already.

My little boys are outside in shorts & t-shirts. They would like to be barefoot too but are wearing socks & sneakers much to their chagrin. I have pulled tricycles up out of the basement. I grabbed sidewalk-paint & chalk off of the garage-shelves. The Little Tikes basketball hoop now sits proudly in the driveway screaming to be played with.

My three-year-old has already fallen and has two bloody knees. He cried for 20 seconds but he would much rather get back up and continue playing then sit and sulk about it. So a quick hug from Mom (with not even enough time to see how bad the knees were) and then he was off running down the sidewalk again. We can all learn a lesson from him most days.

Hubby leaves in 10 days so the weather certainly doesn’t reflect how I’m feeling deep inside. But I keep picking myself back-up, grabbing a quick hug from whom ever is around to give and enjoying the warmth of the sun.

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