New Beginnings

Hubby is home today. I can tell things are winding down for him. It’s been forever since he got up and put on jeans as opposed to a suit. He is self-employed so he is having to “close up shop” while he is deployed. Yesterday was hard for me for some reason; but today I’m feeling pretty good. Nothing like an emotional roller coaster! I woke up yesterday weepy, realizing that his ‘going away party’ is this weekend. (I’ll have to devout a whole blog-entry to his party preparations later.)

Feeling weepy & fighting a cold I headed off to MOPS with my two boys regardless. We have ‘two chapters’ of MOPS at our church. I help with child-care during Alpha week and then I attend the actual meetings on Omega week. So it’s an every other week thing.

Yesterday was childcare. I am lead teacher for the 5 year-old crew, about 15 children. They are all SO READY for summer. The room was bouncing. But I do think that their energy must have rubbed off on me because by the end of the morning I was feeling so much better. A couple of ladies stopped me in the hall to ask how I was doing and give hugs. I shed not a tear, but was honest. Its nice to be comfortable being honest without worrying about being self-centered. It is nice to be cared about! (BTW if you are looking for a local MOPS chapter check-out:

As I was driving home I realized that this was my last time doing child-care this year. I have been with these kids since the Fall and I am really going to miss them. It wasn’t always sunshine & flowers in there. (I’m really not a very patient person… and 5 year-olders are pretty good at trying-patience.) But even on a gloomy day, like yesterday, they can cheer me up. I will miss their last meeting because I will be away at my husband’s official going-away ceremony. Summer is coming, Hubby is leaving… we heavy plenty of ‘New Beginnings’ starting in our household!

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