Adventures Don’t Stop Just Because of Scary Sign Posts!

Park Rangers have to have a great sense of humor… they work all day in the great out of doors. They meet people from all corners of the globe. (If in fact the globe has corners…) They see the beauty of the changes in seasons: flora and fauna. They have access to the whole park, whereas the rest of us stick to the beaten path. The rest of us also tend to wander a bit to the left and right off that well marked trail. So, I can imagine at the local ranger meeting discussions that might occur.

* Bear sightings… yes, they know how to handle that.
* Heavy rain, and washouts… time for repair work.
* Pesky insects… get a grip and handle it.
* Trees down on path… whip out the chain saws and clear them out.
* Foot prints off path, plants plucked off trail, garbage left under trees not on walkway. UGH.

Then some smart fellow decided to make some signs, post them and watch the folks stroll on by. Believe me, it worked for me! No way was I even going to walk on the side of the walkway… I was one foot in front of the other foot speeding straight down the path’s middle, eyes looking down. I might have missed bald eagles, snowy owls, or the space shuttle. My brain was fixed on NOT disturbing any of those slithering creatures. Congrats Rangers! You won! And I am sincerely sorry for looking at the plant life, and stepping where I shouldn’t have. I get your message. I love your parks!

We caught this sign in Great Falls, Montana, by the world’s smallest river. Have you seen any touches of humor on signs in your travels? There is so much beauty in our great country. What is a recent park you have visited? We would love a description and rating. Post a comment, or send us an email!byDeborahonMonday, May 19, 2008Military Life:,,

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