Back to the grind-stone

Well it is clearly a Monday here in the great Midwest. It is rainy, cold and my head is throbbing. But I look forward to this week. We are going to get back into a routine. I enjoyed a week at my parents’ house, “over the river and through the woods” as we like to call it. I get quite pampered by my mom there and it was nice to share some of the boys’ bedtime reading responsibilities with my dad. In fact, I was dreading leaving. We headed home though yesterday after lunch and as we pulled into our driveway I took in a big breath of familiarity. The boys had pulled out their scooters within one-minute of jumping out of the car and were racing back and forth on our sidewalk. The answering machine was checked, the car unloaded (and piled in the kitchen) and I had a load of laundry going within 30 minutes. Yes, it felt good to be home!

So this morning the 5 year-old is back at preschool. The 3 year-old is enjoying some morning PBS and the washing machine is STILL running ;). The lawn needs some major mowing (only if this rain lets up though); I need to find the kitchen table, lost under a sea of travel paraphernalia; and the pile of mail is a mile high. Tonight we have a school concert for the 14 year-old, as well as confirmation class. Despite the busyness that ‘Home’ means it also means that I am back in my own surroundings surrounded by the walls of routine. Ahhh… sweet sigh of relief.

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PS: A neighbor called yesterday afternoon (one of my many answering machine messages) to say she was making dinner for us tonight. She had planned on a crock-pot meal for her family and was going to make enough for us too. What a wonderful way for her to say “We care.” Is there someone in your neighborhood that could use an extra dose of friendship? Making a meal is a tangible way for you to share your friendship!byLeanneonMonday, May 12, 2008Military Life:,,

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