Field Excercise at Fort Hood: Contacts for Military Spouses

Military spouses have learned so much since the crud of the Viet Nam war. We have united, we share emotions, we gather for information, we speak up, and we even accept help when it is given. The baby boomers who served in the 60’s and 70’s with whom I have talked, do NOT have good memories of their service time. Most felt it was a ‘sentence’ that they wanted over ASAP, and then some! The Viet Nam War era spouses had no contact with other spouses: support groups just did not exist.

Ahhh we have come a long way. We encourage, pass on information, check on others and have open dialogue with our unit’s spouse organization. There really is organization in the military!

When and where is one of these gatherings taking place? Fort Hood June 17 and 18, 2008. Read the blog posted May 6, 2008 for the great details.

I mention the history of spouses to emphasize the importance of this get together. I was at the last AWTR Field Excercise. It was PHENOMENAL. Tara and Star run a great program – full of information, sharing and door prizes! What could be better? A wonderful dinner and great gift bag!

Round tables were set for 8 new friends to sit and eat together. Shy ladies entered the room with one huge heart beating, weight on their shoulders and this in common: their hubbies were deployed to a war zone. In danger. Far away. Out of touch.

Yeppers, there were tears shed and shared… but there was laughter and stories that hit everyone’s hearts. Advice was given, taken, exchanged and stored. Gifts were given, appreciation from the military community was brought forward. Everyone left with their arms full, hearts a bit lighter and definitely with a feeling that they had someone with whom they could talk. That was the biggest gift of the evening in my mind.

Have you listened to (Army Wife Talk Radio) AWTR? Have you logged onto the program? It is interactive and very newsworthy. Monday evenings were meant for this radio program that is streamed in through your computer.

Take advantage of everything out there. Life is so good and sharing life’s experiences just makes it that much better!

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