Freedoms on this Memorial Day

It is Memorial Day! I got up at the “crack of dawn”… (ok, it was 7:30am but I am a night owl) so that I could get breakfast going, get the troops dressed, and head down to the local Memorial Day parade which started at 9am. The boys brought their bags to grab the candy. I brought my camera to grab the photos.

It hasn’t been a very well attended parade in the past (or today for that matter) but those of us that are there are excited to be there. The boys enjoy the upfront view of the high school marching band, the larger then life fire-trucks and the miniature ponies. My favorite part though is the beginning. The police motorcycle is leading the way and right behind them is the American Flag proudly being carried by local veterans. As the members of various branches of service walked by all of the folks around us started clapping. Just ordinary citizens, proud of our troops. My heart swelled with pride. Maybe my husband will march with them next year.

We have a busy Memorial Day planned. At noon I will go with my mother-in-law to attend mass. Our neighbor gave my husband’s name to the local church and they are going to say a special prayer for him today. Although I am not Catholic, it seems appropriate to be there. My mother-in-law is Catholic so she’ll help me follow along in the service.

We also have yard work to do and a picnic to attend. Although not directly related to the reason behind Memorial Day I see them as quite fitting. The freedoms we have to do as we please are given to us by those that have gone before us. Those that have fought for our freedom. Many have lost their lives and to that I am entirely grateful.

To my grandfathers, my dad and my husband and all of the veterans past and present thank you for giving us the freedom that I cherish! The freedom to attend the church that I wish; the freedom to spend my time the way I want; the freedom to enjoy life one day at a time.

A happy Memorial Day to you all!

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