A Minute Out of the Norm: Lunch

Today at lunch my boys asked for one of their favorite foods … Grilled Cheese Sandwiches! MMMMM…. one of my favorites too! It ranks up there as one of my favorite ‘comfort foods’! But really what isn’t good with cheese on it?!?!

Just to mix up the ‘standard fare’ today though I cut the sandwiches a little bit different. A few years ago, I had bought some heart shaped pancake ‘shapers’. (Ok, I don’t know officially what they are called.) You pour the batter into them on the grill & they supposedly make the perfect heart-shaped pancake. I must have been feeling ambitious when I did buy them because really they have just been official ‘dust collectors’ or ‘drawer-space consumers’. Until today!… I used one to basically cut off the crusts and really just a touch of the sandwich part. They were the perfect size.

The boys loved their ‘special’ sandwiches and it did feel better shakin’ things up just a bit! As you prepare lunch (or dinner or breakfast) this week for the kids think of a way to add your own special touch. It sure feels good!

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