People in the News… Military Brat Work… And the Homefront View

Daniel, the oldest son of the Kissinger family, packed his belongings; made friends; and learned the ins and outs of world travel. Dan recognizes the need for communication and the flow of information that is readily available via internet. With his sister Leanne, another class act brat, created an avenue of information that is a super highway and an integral part of thousands of military family PCS’s (moves). I think that number is too small… Now Daniel has established his own family in Grand Rapids, MI.

He travels to meet and speak with military personnel. With friends stationed all over the world topics of conversation often boggle the mind of his home grown wife! Change is good, challenge is better when met with a great team – and Daniel has built that on all fronts.

Daniel was part of the team that held a PTAC conference in 2005 with Michigan business educating them on the military installations, jargon and the Department of Defense contracting. Always on the move, always thinking steps, leaps and miles ahead of his peers: Dan is a Brat in the News.

Do you need information on your next PCS? Want to have access to some great moving tools? Interested in the schools in your area, or at the installation that is ahead of you? Cruise the information on Each military service is represtented. Over 240 Installations are laid out with busineeses, articles and events.
Do you see a business that should be on the site? Let them know to contact us. We are growing and updating information continually – that is what is done on the highway!
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