Playing in the dirt is proper for all ages.

There is a parking lot of tonka trucks beside our garage: big, dirty, a bit rusty…. well used. Now, that is the way it should be. The bright yellow and brown are visible as soon as you near the house. We have a very well maintained lawn, sun gardens, and a mulched ‘sitting area’. And we have grandsons. YES life is good! We also have a gravel driveway. I give the boys trowels and the freedom to move dirt. With determination they pile up pebbles and stones. They build roads and bulldozer fodder. It takes them hours to accomplish a good mess. And, may I add with pride, they do it well.

These guys are not the only one who stoop and sweat with a trowel in hand. Dale and I hover over our seedlings in the garden right now. We move and remove rows of weedlets – not a word but should be: tiny little weeds waiting to grow larger than a watermelon. We travel up and down the rows of carrots and green beans with a bucket filling it with our weed pickings. Our objective: a continual table full of fresh harvest and a shelf full of canned vegetables.

It’s all work, and all play. I see the child play in our work every time. I’m half tempted to let the boys in and run the grater down the rows, but I do believe their objective is quite different than mine…

Do you see yourself in your children’s play? You should. It will bring smiles and laughter to the mundane. Share with us some of your laughs. We would love to hear from you.byDeborahonFriday, May 30, 2008Military Life:,,,

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