Off We Go…

The boys’ suitcases are packed.
The very last load of laundry is in the dryer.
‘Carry On’ backpacks are loaded with treats, books, army men, cars and games (& empty cups to fill up with water after we are past security).
The route to our local ‘Park ‘N Fly’ is entered in the GPS.

Destination … Hubby! This year’s family vacation is a trip out to see my husband. He has been training with his brigade for roughly two-months and has a break between training and boarding the giant C-130 headed to a foreign land. He could have taken the bus home with other soldiers for the few days he has off… but I figured that (a) that would cut into his mini-vacation time and (b) he would get home and spend WAY TOO much time in his office just getting “little things done”. No, we decided we would bring the “We Miss You” party to him.

So the four of us are boarding a plane tomorrow. Believe it or not, this is my first flight since 2002. My last flight was out to McChord AFB, Washington for my dad’s retirement from the Air Force. For many years prior to that I was a “jet-setting girl”. Not only did I fly all the time for work, I also flew to see my then boyfriend (now husband) when we had a long-distance relationship for quite some time. I could fly in and out of that airport like no one’s business.

What a change this trip will be! Five years later, not only will I have my 14 year old step-son (who is a mighty big help!), but I will have a 5- and 3-year old in tow. I think the two younger are looking more forward to their first plane trip then actually seeing Dad. Although I’m sure once they get their first giant hug from him the memories of that plane trip will be in the far recesses of their mind!

I did find some good resources for flying with children if you are planning a trip yourself. I hadn’t thought of bringing our cheap umbrella stroller but it’s not a bad idea. I have no desire to carry a tired three year-older, his carry-on & my carry-on:

Tonight, I still have to pack my suitcase and locate some packs of gum for the flight. Tomorrow morning, I will give instructions to the neighbor boy who will be watching the house, feeding the fish & mowing the lawn. But all in all I am feeling like one prepared momma, who can’t wait another moment to see her hubby!

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