Ah the sweet relief of a bike ride

I just got back from what is becoming my regular bike ride. It’s not a long one. I just ride in our neighborhood, around a couple of cul-de-sacs and am back in 10 minutes, probably about one mile. It probably isn’t even long enough to qualify as true-exercise since my heart isn’t pumping for more than 20 minutes. Oh well!

What that 10 minutes is to me? 10 minutes of feeling the wind in my face. 10 minutes without the children. 10 minutes of physical exertion that doesn’t involve cleaning the house or pulling weeds in the garden. It’s 10 minutes FOR ME, no one else. Well except that I come back a happier momma. So maybe it is for my boys too :).

My husband actually suggested it via our regular web-cam conversation. I was complaining of feeling tired and longing for a nap, but just couldn’t take one. He suggested I jump on the bike! So I did and am so glad. The most difficult part of it is finding someone to watch the boys for those 10 minutes. When in fact, that isn’t so hard either. I have four sets of wonderful neighbors that don’t mind watching them a bit. On the days that I work and the boys are at the sitter’s my bike ride has become my “lunch-break.”

If you are looking for a little bit of something to shake up your day and release the doldrums I’d suggest donning your sneakers and getting out for 10 to 20 minutes; a fast walk, a run, a bike ride or maybe even Rollerblades or a quick couple of laps in a pool. Just something for you. It isn’t about the “exercise” for me, it is about clearing my head and coming back refreshed.

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