A Minute Out of the Norm: You Scream… I Scream…

… We all scream for Ice-Cream!

It was a busy Thursday. I had to get groceries; since we had been on vacation for quite a while there was not a drop of milk in the house or any fresh fruits or veggies. I did manage to find a container in the back of the frig of what used to be fresh strawberries but we won’t get there. After we all trekked to the grocery store we came home, unloaded and then headed off to the next place on our ‘To Do List’.

At 2:30pm my eldest had a sports physical for the high school soccer season this fall. (ACK! Is he really old enough to be going into high school?!) Fortunately, our doctor’s office doesn’t appear to mind when the whole fam damily shows up for one appointment. Usually I try to pawn the younger boys off on a neighbor or family member when we have to go to “Josh Appointments” but it didn’t work out this time. So we sat in the waiting room while Josh went back with the doctor. I figured he wouldn’t mind a little privacy while we sat in the waiting room wrecking havoc. (Although the coloring books and Hot Wheels that I brought did keep us pretty much in control!)

After the doctors we had to run to one more store to get bug-spray that kills the Japanese Beetles that have made two of my trees into a regular dining-facility. I don’t mind bugs, as long as they are OUTSIDE and also not killing my plants. Break either of those rules and you are dead-meet.

So at 3:30pm my boys were pooped. They were tired of running around town. I made a quick out-of the way detour from the store and what do you know, we pulled into our local Dairy Treat. The boys all got out with huge smiles on their faces and mouths watering at all of the possibilities that lie before them. Ice cream! It turned a crazy-harried day into a perfect afternoon. We sat in the back, ice cream in hand, at their picnic pavilion and just took the moment in. My youngest had ice cream dripping from head to toe but this mom wasn’t worried a bit! We were stress free enjoying our cones, blizzards and milkshakes. Life was good.

When your day is feeling a little bit crazy take the time to relax. Pull into a local park; stop and get an ice cream cone; feed the ducks at a neighborhood lake. It is important to step out of the moment once in awhile and just take life in… one lick at a time.

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