When Time Stands Still

Funny, how time stands still. I was rush rush rushing to get my boys in the car. I am on a vacation of sorts and enjoying time at each of my brothers’ as well as my parents’. I started at my brother James’ along with his wife & my nephews for four days. I then stayed at my parents for three days. Today was the move from my parents to my brother Dan’s, for another few days. It has been fun to spend some time with each of them.

So there we were this afternoon prepping for the ‘move’ across town… not that I was in a real rush to get to Dan & Becky’s. It can just take forever to get the boys on task and the car loaded etc etc. But all of a sudden time stood still and whatever was happening just didn’t matter.

My cell phone rang, and it was Hubby. Ah… life is good. He sounded tired it was much later in the evening across the seas after all. But he sounded good. This was our second call in a week. The first one was somehow awkward. Kind of like when you are just starting to see someone and you build up the nerve to call and then think, “Man, what are we going to talk about?”. That call was similar. This call however had a little more flow. We are getting used to it. Face to Face is 1000% better but voice to ear is much more than generations before us never had.

The call was ‘dropped’ about 18 minutes into our chat but fortunately we were concerned that could happen and had already said “I love you” mid-conversation. So with the phone hung-up I walked out and my mom had crawled into the front passenger-seat and was keeping the boys entertained. Life continued. But for those 18 minutes life around me stopped as I knew it.

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