Military Friends

Last week we had some Air Force friends visit who we had not seen for a couple of years! What fun it was to share old stories and laugh (or in some cases shake our heads wondering what were we/they thinking)! After retiring from the Air Force both couples relocated for jobs and family ties purposes and they are now in Atlanta and we are in Michigan so keeping in touch is fun but a visit is always better.

We took them to a local site, Meijer Gardens for a long walk to see the wonderful statues and flowers. The picture taken earlier of the huge horse sculpture is a sample of the wonderful variety of the gardens. We enjoy their special events too such as Christmas when they feature tree decorations from many different countries of the world. Its great to see decorations from countries you visited or lived in while on active duty.

We then headed out to Lake Michigan for a walk on the Grand Haven pier and a visit to their old lighthouse. You can walk out to the end of the pier to enjoy the waves and for a view of the nearby beaches. We then stopped at the Coast Guard Exchange at Grand Haven for a cool drink after the long walk on a wonderful 75 degree afternoon. Ed had not visited Lake Michigan before and was impressed with the visibility and size!

I had worked in a tough job with Ed and he had so much knowledge of the mission and gave me wise advice so many times. We were fortunate to develop a bond that continued to our retirements and beyond the Air Force. Mary had also helped our son Dan become interested in computers when she hired him part time to help with her business. We participated in each others’ retirement ceremonies and some day I will have to share a family moment of humor involving all of us.

We now have Facebook and use the America Supports You My MilitaryAvenue application to say hi as well! Keeping in touch with military friends can be fun! Taking the time to do so is well worth the effort!byColonel KonWednesday, August 20, 2008Military Life:,,,,,,

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